For Your Travel Cordinators

At UTB Travel we know how important it is to be fast, efficient, accurate and most of all, make the travel management process easy for travel arrangers. With our technology, tools and support we have a multitude of ways to save time, money and trouble. We make it easy for travel arrangers to make bookings with us. Online, by email or by phone, we offer fast, efficient service from experienced, friendly agents who know you and your needs.

We always offer travel options to suit your schedule and budget.


UTB Reporter gives better control and insight into your company's travel spending. Accessible via a secure ID and password anywhere via the internet, you can create an unlimited number of custom reports to suit your needs and that provide real­time spending detail. There are more than 120 custom reports to suit your needs including graphs, overviews and detailed reports. Our reporting allows you to aggressively manage supplier

contracts and easily comply with travel and procurement policies.

Corporate Profile/ProFILER Web

Designed to provide the travel arranger with maximum security to access and control profile data via UTB or your company intranet. Accessible via a password protected secure website, it instantly syncs any changes and uploads the information into the reservation system.

Online Booking

At UTB Travel we offer a variety of online booking tools, each tailored to suit your unique needs. Because one size does not fit all, we take the time to explain each system's features, benefits and costs so you can determine which system best suits your needs.

Credit Card Reconciliation

Most credit card reconciliation services are difficult and time consuming. At UTB Travel we can implement a tailor­made reporting module and increased accountability in order to decrease the amount of time your staff spends tracking credit card spend ­ sometimes 2­3 days per month down to 2 hours per month, thereby saving your staff's valuable time.