For Your Business
  • Quality control and reporting systems

    UTB Quality Control Manager (UCQM) is a robotic "super-agent" that works 24/7 to guarantee the lowest fare by searching for fare decreases and continuously monitors waitlists to ensure your travelers are first when a seat becomes available. And we always add applicable loyalty and frequent flyer program numbers on every reservation. Our mulit­ point quality check assures your travel is error free

  • Client management

    What makes UTB Travel different is our dedicated Client Solutions Team to support your on­going needs, including reporting and supplier negotiations.

  • Our people

    Our people make the difference. A good travel consultant is like a great tailor or hair stylist. Once you find one that understands you and your needs you can relax, knowing you're taken care of.

    Our experienced travel consultants understand the ins and outs of corporate travel. Our agents stay with us for the long haul and build relationships with our clients. We understand that happy and motivated people give you the best service. That's why we work hard to keep our team excited, motivated and supported

  • Fair and transparent fees

    Some travel agencies state a standard fee for certain types of bookings (agent, online, complex) and clients don't necessarily review those fees against what the actual bookings are, resulting in a surprise cost. Through our UTB Travel Audit process we can uncover the variances and add­ons that are not readily apparent to the traveller or the company and implement a booking fee structure that is fair and transparent

  • With you, from start to finish

    We are a team of cohesive and focused group of professionals and each member of the team is dedicated to providing the very best in service and solutions while maintaining a strong knowledge of all agency initiatives, allowing everyone on our team to help you.

    Our process with your company begins well before the first booking. Our account management team will meet with you to understand your business needs and culture, and work with you to develop or refine a corporate travel policy.

    At booking, our experts will do more than book the trip – they actively advise and consult, as needed, to ensure that you and your travellers are getting the most for your travel dollar.

    From there, our experts and technology will ensure that all bookings by your employees meet your policy and follow appropriate protocol for variances.

    We manage your company’s travel requirements from start to finish, reconciling those needs with your bottom line, and making your job easier along the way.

  • Increased control & smarter decisions

    Gain better control and insight into your company’s travel spending. You can order from more than 100 standard reports or ask for custom reports including executive dashboards with both high level and transaction data. Accessible via the Internet via a secure ID and password you can create an unlimited number of custom reports according to your specific needs, providing real­time spending detail.

    How this helps your business

    Spot new travel cost savings opportunities, make timely and impactful adjustments to your business travel program

    Aggressively manage supplier contracts Easily comply with travel and procurement policies

    Your reports are meaningful and customized to reflect how your company operates. Using these reports, we create a well­defined travel policy, which can reduce your annual travel expenditures by up to 20%.

  • Your business can uncover hidden savings

    Not paying attention to all areas of unplanned or unmanaged travel is costing Canadian companies millions − The follow are areas that other companies are seeing losses:

    Not achieving best fares or having high transaction fees.

    Not taking advantage of airline rebates and hotel discounts that are available to them.

    Lack of control of unused tickets and the costs associated.

    Better fares, exclusive savings and benefits through better travel management – at UTB, you have access to all of these things and more.

    Travel policy for savings of up­to 20%

    Using your travel spend reports, we create a well­defined travel policy, online or offline, which can reduce your annual travel expenditures by up­to 20%